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Fire Fighters and EMT’s use Miss Mary Jane’s CBD

Fire Fighters and EMT’s all over America use Miss Mary Jane’s CBD Balm while on duty! Our CBD is sourced from Hemp and has been shown to help reduce Muscle Aches and Pain! All Miss Mary Jane’s CBD products are third party lab tested by BelCosta Labs in Long Beach, CA and Certified THC FREE! You can Trust that our CBD products will NOT result in a failed drug test and will NOT cause you to feel high like other CBD brands. Thank you to All the Men & Women who work hard daily to keep us safe and for supporting Miss Mary Jane’s CBD!

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chelyn pennington
20 set 2019

My grandmother has severe arthritis in her hands and was canning tomatoes this past weekend and her hands locked up and she was in tears in pain and went and got her cbd balm stick and had INSTANT relief. it was incredible to watch.

Mi piace
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